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6 August 2019, 22:56

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Excellent product, it does what it promises and you just need very little cream to get results after just 48 hours.

Sudorstop Cream

Neutralizes the odor of the feet after a single application eliminating the bacteria that cause it


Sudorstop   contains hydrated aluminum salts  (similar to alum) that have a delicate astringent effect and reduce sweating.

In addition, it contains a bentone (white clay derivative) which acts as an adjunct to this effect: it acts as an absorbent and sequests sweat keeping the skin dry but not dehydrated.

The active substances of its formulation (they are not only harmless, but even curative for the skin)  prevent the formation of butyric acid which is the cause of the bad smell.

Sudorstop Cream prevents the formation and proliferation of bacteria, so as to stop the formation of bad odors in the bud.

More than 151 reviews for Sudorstop

Great product I was very satisfied.the advice



Solves the problem

I find the quality product: effective and practical.

Giovanni G.


A good product
For those suffering from hyperhidrosis to the peripherals this is a valid product. For months now I have been using it in the evening, after a shower, with a cotton sock. The following morning the feet are much drier. Don't expect miracles by using it only once. As with all products, you need to be consistent. I advise.



Truly effective product .. sweating stop ... the best product I have used

francesca zanusso


I confirm the other reviews. It actually creates it does its job allowing the foot to adapt well to that period when the heat makes the foot sweat more. Since I use them I have found benefit. I recommend the purchase



I've tried a lot of other products, even specific deodorants for the feet, but nobody has ever solved the problem. With this cream, odors are eliminated from the first application.



It works like nothing else! It is the only product that truly eliminates sweat and odor! I then had shoes that did not smell but after having started using the cream not only does the foot no longer smell but
the shoes do not smell anymore !!



products received quickly, good packaging. the foot cream is really good, fresh and deodorant. good also shoe spray / orthotics, and although I like the smell less than the cream, it still works perfectly.

Marco Guerra


really super product to stop all forms of sweat,
for the foot is exceptional, miraculously do not send any more odor, just use little product and the results are incredibly fabulous.
really super!



Exceptional great product



I waited a while before reviewing the product to test its effectiveness. In my case one application was not enough, I had to use it for 2/3 days to get results but I was in bad shape and luckily this cream helped me with this really embarrassing problem.

Daniela V.


I am really satisfied with the purchase, a good consistent and non-greasy cream, keeps sweating well for a long time unlike other products used previously, it costs a little but effective



Product recommended for all those like me who have problems with sweating of the feet ... I had to change my shoes 4 or more times a day, ditto the socks. The feet stank to scare me too ... Now with this cream I solved the problem 100%. They recommend 1 application a week, but I apply it every 3 days, for my safety, I work with people and I don't want to look bad. But since I use it I have no more wet or smelly feet!

Matteo C


Used to wearing shoes at least 12 a day, 2-3 of which with safety shoes, I am a courier, I could not even find the courage to remove the socks of the times but instead after only 1 (ONE) I only use the stink and left Street. The foot stops sweating immediately. MIRACULOUS and with IMMEDIATE EFFECT



Sudorstop can be used for:

  • children's feet (it's a natural cream)
  • adult feet
  • also for underarm sweating

Sudorstop is the only natural cream against sweat and the stench of the feet with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

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